Children’s Hospital Adaptive Sports Pictures Availible

Catch-A-Wave provides jet skis for a great cause to the Valley Children’s Hospital in order for the patients there to go out and have some fun. We are now starting to add pictures of this event onto the web site, so please go check them out. If you have any questions or would like to possibly help with this great experience please feel free to contact us and we will relay your message to event coordinators. Anyways, please go check out those pictures.

New 2011 Yamaha VXR Ordered

Today we ordered a brand new 2011 Yamaha VXR to add to our collection of quality jet skis.  For a video of this new ski scroll down to our media section and click on 2011 Yamaha VXR.

New Catch-A-Wave Facebook Page

We have just set up our new company Facebook page. Feel free to check it out and hit the like button or make a post on the wall to help us get it started. To get there just hit the Facebook button on the menu bar.

New Sanger Ski Boat Available for Rent

We now have a Sanger ski boat available to rent on top of our arsenal of quality jet skis. Call Craig today at (559) 259-1124 and see if it is available for your next vacation. Pictures to come as site develops.

About Us

Catch-A-Wave has been around for a long time providing quality jet skis at great prices. We are located in Fresno, CA, but often provide rentals to residents of other cities too. If you want to plan a fun trip to the lake give us a call at (559) 259-1124.

This page lists all of the Yahoo essay reviews for Catch-A-Wave as of 7/4/2011. We did not exclude any reviews. (Click here to see for yourself)



by Sammy (Yahoo Reviews)


Great place to rent jet ski, we rented one in August my son had lots of fun with the great jet ski Craig gave us. We go to Bass Lake every year and used to rent a jet ski there, but this was an experience far beyond what we had. Great guy and great jet skies that is all I have to say. We be back next year.



by basslake4me (Yahoo Reviews)


Rented a ski from Craig for a weekend up at Bass Lake, during which we put 137 miles on it (GPS track) and topped out around 54-56MPH — I couldn’t walk after the two days, but it was a blast and a much better machine than I get when renting at the local marina. All of his skis are in beautiful condition and he obviously takes very good care of them.

Craig was very accommodating to getting the ski picked up and returned and everything went very smoothly on his end. There were only a couple of minor issues I ran into, including that I was having an in-law pick up the ski, and when they realized the pickup location was residential they weren’t so sure about providing their credit card (they hadn’t seen the place, just were going by it being residential); so I had to go there myself as well to do the paperwork, and having done so I can tell you that it’s a professional arrangement, with a very clean garage/workshop and (when I was there) 9 top-condition watercraft in a 3-car garage. So don’t let the residential location put you off.

The only other minor issue I had is that my in-law took the ski back at the end of the weekend, making about an hour trip out of the way (still well worth it for the value we got vs. the prices at the lake marina), and on getting there Craig mentioned that he had just delivered a ski up to Bass Lake that very morning and so could have picked up the one we were returning. Now, that wasn’t part of the agreement and isn’t his job, but he could have kept quiet about it 😉 because then my in-law felt like they shouldn’t have had to make the drive.

In summary — great machines, good service, and very accommodating — I definitely came away with the sense, as noted by another reviewer, that if I take good care of the rental then Craig will continue to take good care of me. I’ll definitely rent from Craig again.



by Wahoo (Yahoo Reviews)


We have three families that have gone to the lake every year for the past 5 years. Craig at Catch a Wave has consistently provided us with the best and most well maintained Jet Ski’s on the market. His inventory includes all new Yamahas, Hondas and Seadoos. Craig himself maintains every machine and he is extremely particular to whom he rents to… If you take good care of his skis, he’ll take great care of you. Your Ski will be ready as promised, in perfect working order. The trailers lights work and the registration is up to date. You will not find a better value in the state.


Quality Jet Ski Rentals

Here at Catch-A-Wave we beat our competitors by offering the highest quality jet skis at lowest possible prices. Our collection is upgraded often and jet skis are personally maintained at the highest standards. This means that they are fast, handle great, and have the absolute highest possibility of not breaking down in the middle of your trip. If you don’t believe us, read our reviews to see what our customers think.


We only rent skis for 3-14 day periods. Each day is $200 for regular skis (Hondas and Yamahas). VXR 1800 Yamahas are $250 per day.

Sanger Ski Boat Rentals

We personally do not rent out boats, but if you are in need you can place a call to our friend Stephen Ford @ (559) 994-6543.

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